The deets about Love Les:

- bi-weekly features

- surprisingly personal stories

-Even more surprisingly, religious at times 


The why?

- To celebrate  love

     - to celebrate coming Out     

                               - to celebrate LIfe                                 




If I’m being honest, I’m a hopeless romantic. While I’ve only recently begun to admit it, my favorite question to ask couples is how they met. There’s something so damn beautiful about love.

This project came together as I realized how under represented LBGTQ love stories and voices are within our culture. I grew up without any examples of gay couples- I never heard their stories, experienced their love, or saw their happiness. Love Les is a place for coming out stories and a home for sappy love confessions.

I hope this project is a safe place for people who aren’t ready to come out yet. I hope this project is a source of deep hope for individuals experiencing pain for simply being themselves. Ultimately, I hope this project is something that will cause celebration within all communities. 

Love simply is and it's beautiful ya'll. 



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