To the girl I sit next to in my Science & Religion class


One of the new things we have coming your way is monthly guest features; if there are any writers & poets out there, we’re talking to you! We’re even more pleased to kick off our first Freelance Friday with a poem from the lovely Diamond Dumas, aka, our first interview ever. Diamond, you perceive life and its messiness through a breathtaking lens.


it is conventional to say that I noticed you on the first day of school

I hope if you ever hear this poem you will forgive me

nothing about you should ever be reduced down to something overly simplistic 

But there is still something beautiful about that

Something beautiful about all the things every lover has ever loved about you

those things call to me like lighthouses call to lost ships

they bring me to safety, bring me home,

bring me through the darkest waters, stormiest of nights and has the light on 

has the earl grey tea steaming

I have not chosen you 


you have found me and said

“Sweet heart you look a little tired, when did you last eat. Come in and make yourself right at home, stay as long as you need”

if I could show you my soul you would see that she is weeping and counting at the same time

trying to catch every tear bled from your kindness

so that they don’t rust the iron

the exterior all my ex lovers & me have spent years building

there are groans in this armor

Chipped and broken pieces

I am not unaware of them

Yet I am still surprised when they cut me

when they leave openings for something like love to filter in

something like love that is more myth than legend

this explanation accounts for the super natural 

the magic 

the unexplainable

the reason I said hi to the girl I sit next to in my science & religion class


Hi, my name is Diamond Dumas. I am a lot of things, but rarely do I call myself a poet. I strive to be more than a traveler, a lover, a friend; that is to say I strive to acknowledge the parts of me that aren't so pretty or polished. The whole me is authentic and grateful for everything, but more than everything is poetry.

Check her out at @adventurers.soul

Leslie Cox