That First Kiss

that first kiss-


under string lights casting a warm glow

upon the room

there is no question about

the way you make me feel

when your fingers are interwined

with mine

Palm against Palm

And the way your lips brush gently

against mine

as I whisper to you

‘kiss me’

and you do, ever so softly

as your body leans in closer to me

your lips finding mine

and the world melting away

This feeling of something

so incredibly right

floats in the air

as it holds us closely

your forehead pressed against mine

Warm skin next to warm skin

our gaze locks

and I see your eyes

light up with a spark

of happiness

The quietness of the room holding onto

The giggles drifting into the

elated, soft space

This month’s freelance piece is from an anonymous submission.

And to our author, we are celebrating that first kiss with you!

Leslie Cox