And still I rage

For two years I have called you love 

Walking side by side 

Hands clasped held firm.

But quickly dropped when eyes travel 

streets to glare 

Life lived both in and out  

Revolving doors presenting different selves 

Selves that are same gender loving. 

Selves that are fearful, small

Never knowing who to be

What to say 

Today you sit with friends 

and friends of friends 

Unknowingly they accept you

with open arms and embraces

Knowing not how you love

or who you love


You sit in silence listening 

As rivers of hatred surge 

From mouths of those ignorant of love 

Pedophoellia belongs in the LBGTQ acronym,

they spew 

Perverseness runs rampant within their homes, 

They brazenly declare 

All the while

All the while my love you sit 

Sit in silence, 

heat coursing through your veins 

Blood humming in your ears 

White knuckling a stadium chair

As words flurry around you mind

Ready for release 

But it’s still not time, not safe 

So bide your time my love 

This limbo is place a land many know 

A reluctant place of refuge 

But essential nonetheless

For words of intolerance

easily extend past language

ending in unresting violence

We will wait my love

Wait for the day we won’t be silenced 

For the decades to come 

when your ring rests upon my finger 

A public testament

Of a love that refuses to once more be repressed 

Until that day 

Rest assured my love 

I rage 

And I will rage day by day 

Speaking against their repugnance 

Filling the silence you long to break 

Tomorrow we’ll start a new 

As the sun rises it brings with it newness, hope

a hope that washes over everything 

Glinting and gleaming with promise.

Tomorrow we will start a new


Leslie Cox is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary where she studied the intersection of faith, justice, & sexuality. When she’s not working on Love Les or advocating at the Capital, you can find her fueling her caffeine addiction, orchestrating photo shoots, or exploring Chattanooga with her girlfriend and their rescue mutt.

Leslie Cox