Pride 2019 Collections

Pride 2019 is finally here! Which basically means that we are looking for all the companies we can feel good about giving all of our money to, in addition to donating to LBGTQ nonprofits ourselves.

While our team is skeptical of ethical consumerism in a capitalistic market, we are on board for supporting these businesses during PRIDE. We chose these companies based on their history of employee diversity, commercial diversity, and most importantly, that they’re actually donating proceeds to better our community. In the past few years wee notice more and more companies slapping rainbows on things during PRIDE, ahem Mr. Trump, we see you and your sketchy Pride collection.

So, for those of you out there that can’t wait to rock your Pride gear all year long, here our are 10 choices you can’t go wrong with!


Drinks you can get behind

Stoli Vodka

Stoli has been a new player on LBGTQ ground. Last year they released a LBGTQ bottle in collaboration with Harvey Milk Bottle which proceeds went to the Harvey Milk Foundation, Harvey Milk, a foundation in the memory of Harvey Milk the first openly gay elected official in the world who a dream for equality and acceptance.

This year Stoli is releasing the Stoli “Spirit of Stonewall” as a celebration and remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising with proceeds going to the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, an initiative that addresses intolerance of the LBGTQ comments through awareness campaigns and educational programing. The best part about this bottle is Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s brilliant design. Lisa, we have been a long time fan of you.

One Hope Wine

One Hope Wine is celebrating Pride with a release of their Rainbow Glitter Edition. It’s worth noting that while One Hope Wine celebrates the LBGTQ 365 days a year with their bottle of California Brut Sparkling Wine, which again you can buy literally any time, they released a Pride packet including a Love is Love card and a glitter confetti push-pop, as well as, 3 new Pride bottles. One Hope Wine is an amazing company dedicated to changing the world one bottle at a time. They team up with different charities and organizations year round and donate a large portion of their proceeds back to the companies they’re supporting. This year, it’s an LBGTQ youth hotline. So please, “shop the cause,” for Pride and check out their other campaigns.


Summer snacker’s dream


Life with an autoimmune disease is a constant dietary struggle, for the past few years KIND bars have been the perfect snack. While KIND bars are just that to your body, the company takes philanthropy seriously and has a wonderful Give Back Project. For the past few years they’ve given back to the LBGTQ community with their pride release bar. This year they’re celebrating Pride with their best seller, Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt with a beautifully colorful Pride inspired wrapper. The best part is that 100%, and we do mean 100% of their proceeds will go to the Ali Forney Center a project that provides housing to LBGTQ youth.

Ben & Jerrys

Ben & Jerrys is a staple for the LBGTQ community. In 1989 they were the first large employer in Vermont to offer health insurance to domestic partners of employees. Since then, they’ve released press leases in support of the LBGTQ community and have done the cutest ice cream kick offs like the Hubby Hubby flavor in celebration of The Marriage Equality Act and Ben & Jerry’s marriage.

Our favorite thing about Ben & Jerry’s is their continual support of grassroots organizations as well as the LBGTQ community. Their last campaign celebrating Trans Gender Visibility Day and they are never against throwing shade at the United States of America’s current president. So you can look forward to their 2019 Pride release flavor, or just eat all the ice cream year round guilt free.


Makeup magic

Surprisingly, Sephora

After a racial profiling SZA, Sephora shut its stores the following day for in an house diversity training. While, this has been happening a lot recently and we’re thankful businesses are finally being called out for racial biases, we were surprised to learn that the in house training wasn’t only a quick press gimmick. Weeks after, Sephora launched its Bold Beauty campaign with the tagline “fearless is the new flawless” offering free 90 minute classes for trans gender and non binary individual to explore beauty in a safe and welcoming environment with especially woke employees. To date, they’ve hosted 1,500 classes with 80% of clients reporting an 80% rate in their confidence.

Sephora continued to surprise us with there We Belong Campaign and Trans is Beautiful Campaign. The first was launched with a commercial featuring differing individual with the pronouns They Xe Ze She he. This campaigned continued with blog lessons on pronouns.

Safe to say, we feel far more comfortable supporting Sephora and hope they continue to learn from their mistakes and create a more inclusive beauty scene. At least one of our team members will be window shopping their glitter Pride collection which proceeds go to various LBGTQ organizations.


Clothes we are dying to try

TomBoy X

TomboyX is a badass queer owned underwear company, although they have far more than just underwear! TomboyX was founded by Fran & Naomi, who were trying and failing to find a company or product that met their needs. In response, they created their own dream company and “underwear that any body could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum.” We are big fans and here for their PRIDE collection.


H&M’s Pride collection Stay True, stay you is basically the number one line out there for trans visibility this year starring Laverne Cox. Which let’s be real, we are craving more diversity from companies that are trying to support and affirm our community. Puh-lease bring on more model diversity and all the trans women of color and thank you. H&M’s collection is perfect for any Pride march. From caped body suits to backpacks, H&M has you covered. For this year’s collection 10% of proceeds will go to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign.

J Crew & Madewell

J Crew and it’s sister store Madewell have been offering Pride Collections for a hot minute now which should be wonderful news to any preppy or femme readers out there. J Crew’s collection Love First is pretty straightforward they have different crewcuts that feature rainbow letters spelling out Love first as well as Pride accessories comprised of hats and socks Madewell’s collection Love to All similarly has the the phrase “Love to All” in rainbow retro lettering on t-shirts and sweaters. This year J Crew & Madewell are donating 50% of their proceeds to the HRC campaign.

Banana Republic

This year BR’s theme mission is More Love a celebration of “equality for al, each and everyday, with a rainbow of options.” For each Pride Collection item purchased, they are donating 50% of proceeds to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign for LBGTI equality. The cutest part of this campaign is their digital component of employee after employee celebrating diversity and rocking one of their Pride shirts. If you’re in the market for Pride shirts decorated in rainbow elephants that have a global effect, consider this is your number one go to.


Shoes we’re drooling over


Last year I fell in love with Adidas Pride collection and I continued to fall in love as they later earned a 100 on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. This year Adidas pride collection features both vivid and pastel shades in a variety of different styles. If you’ve been waiting to drop some money on new kicks and what better way to break in some new shoes than with Bombas socks whose proceeds go to The Ally Coalition.


Converse has always been a force of positive change. They created their first Pride Collection five years ago and have continued to show up. This year’s Spread the Love campaign sponsors the It Gets Better Project, a project our founder is not so secretly obsessed with has done training with. While the collection in itself is lovely, our team is digging their voices and stories page showcasing LBGTQ models and stories. More than that, we’re huge fans of their trans collection which a lot of Pride collaborations leave out. Points to you converse.


Want to donate yourself? Here’s how!


The It Gets Better Project


Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative

The Trevor Project

Ali Forney Center

United Nations Free & Equal Campaign

The Ally Coalition

Catch us later this Summer sporting our Adidas with some good ol’ Ben and Jerrys in hand.  

Leslie Cox