Love is:

It was only for a month but the intensity felt like years. I fell in love. -Julia, 2017

Love feels expansive and explosive. -Diamond, 2017

There's a lot of death and new life in love.- Brandon, 2017

I want to know someone else and I want to be known. -Allison, 2017

I’m fierce, but these hearts are so mushy. -Jes Kast, 2017

We can all celebrate love in our small acts. -Alex, 2017

For me, love is not the individualistic culture that we live in. -Taylor, 2017

The first time I met him, I knew he was special. That was April 11th, 30 years ago. -Clay, 2017

I told her, “Mom, there is this boy and oh my God!” -Brandon, 2017

And then after that I told my mom about her and said, “I don't really know what a soulmate is, but I think I have one.” -Brook, 2017

It sounds crazy because we had just met, but I knew that this was it. -Krystal, 2017

I mean I guess what I am feeling could be summed in a four letter word that rhymes with dove -Kevin, 2017

As cliché and gross as it is, it’s always been her. -Callan, 2017

"We fall in love, but we also grow in love. You don't just stay down once you fall, you grow back up together." -Julian, 2017

"Love is unconditional. I’m learning that now, and it’s hard. It’s hard to love unconditionally when you’ve been rejected and hurt and left behind. But loving unconditionally means staying and staying and staying. It’s a tricky business, but knowing when to step back, and also when to speak up. But always staying, so that those who you love know that you are always there for them. Seeing beyond disagreement and pain." -Katie Provenza, 2017

"Love is choosing to see and accept the entire person for who they are." -Kate Morrison, 2017

"Love is intentionally caring for the needs of another in the manner he or she needs to receive it." -Myron Krys, 2016

"The best of who I am." -your lipstick lesbian, 2016

"You have to be who you were created to be." -my lovely affirming mother, 2017

"Love is the greatest gift you have. Now you get to share it in a new beautiful way." -Sarah Are, 2016

"Sure, I believe that one day maybe I'll see something sparkle out of the side of my eye. But right now I'm batting 100% and soulmate is batting 0%." -Keegan Anderson, 2017

"Please know I love you, even when you struggle to love yourself." - Diamond Dumas, 2017

"People are the mess. Once you embrace that love and living flow easier." -Besty Stow, 2017

"Everyone deserves love and every story deserves to be told." -Promote Love

"When I think of love I think of children. Little boys and little girls just holding hands. That’s love." Kay Andrews

"It's all about choosing to love someone." -Preston Sneed, 2017

"No one else is going to love you. You might as well love yourself." Kevin Garcia, 2017

"One decision resulted in her meeting the love of her life." -Alexander Hut, 2017

"It just makes me happy because because I feel like I'm living. I don't think I've lived more than now. I love him." Kelsey Rheney, 2017

"That's the thing about love, you don't necessarily get the choice when it comes down to it." Diamond Dumas, 2017

"In my life I’ve loved different people at different times in different ways. It is those loves which have caused me the greatest pain that have shaped me the most. When you love someone you open up. You become vulnerable. You’re more likely to get hurt. But you’re also more likely to grow." -Shelby Andrews, 2017

"I've always just said love is an action not just an emotion." Patrick Baxter, 2017

“Transitioning is depressing in a way. It feels like part of you is missing when you use to come home to somebody every day but then they’re gone.”- Tony Galambos