Our Team

Hello there. Love Les is run by a team of five babely women. Ideally, we would love to meet you in person, sipping cappuccinos or mimosas in a coffee shop, talking about anything and everything. Until then, allow us to introduce ourselves in the most cliché way possible. Xo


Leslie Cox


Founder & Curator  

Creative * Dog Mom * Optimist * Mental Health Enthusiast * Same Gender Loving

Leslie Cox is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary studied the intersection of faith, justice, and sexuality. When she’s not in a classroom or protesting at the Capital, you can find her fueling her caffeine addiction, orchestrating photo shoots, or exploring Chattanooga with her girlfriend and their rescue pupper.

Dream Interview: Ellen Page

Aspires to be: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

What is your ideal first date? Kayaking to an island for a picnic. Spoiler, this was my first date with my gf.

What veggie or fruit would you be? Banana. It takes some effort to get to know me, but I’m sweet and reliable.  

Street cred: Bachelor of Religion, Flagler College; Master of Divinity, Columbia Theological Seminary

Check her out: @lcox370


Courtney Anne Henry



Mountain Enthusiast  * Enneagram 4 * Local Business Supporter * Daydreamer * Lesbian

Courtney Anne is an undergrad at Georgia College & State University. She is a double major in Sociology and Liberal Studies with a passion for interdisciplinary research regarding activism, queer politics, and the Bible Belt. When she’s not conducting research, you find her hanging out at Blackbird Coffee, doing something artsy, or chasing after sunsets.

Dream Interview: Steph Grant

Dream Destination: England

What is your ideal first date? Well, my gf and I baked something sweet, watched a movie, then danced in the kitchen until we were dizzy, so that!

What veggie or fruit would you be? I’d be a coffee bean because technically they are the seeds that come from a fruit.

Street cred: Montreat Summer Staff 2018 & 2019

Check her out: @courtneyahenry


Shannon Schmidt



Activist * storyteller * dog friend * carrot enthusiast * overzealous New Jersey native

Shannon is a graduate student of religion, ethics, and politics at Harvard. A native of the great state of New Jersey, Shannon is an avid lover of books, biking, and Seinfeld reruns. Her background is in political campaigning and advocacy, and when she isn’t trying to sell you on the importance of mobilizing for social justice causes, she’s editing for Love Les.

Dream Interview: Jonathan Van Ness

Dream Destination: it’s a secret

What is your ideal first date? A museum or sculpture garden, paired with ice cream and tons of conversation.

What veggie or fruit would you be? I would be a carrot with hummus.

Street cred: BA in History and English, Flagler College, MTS in Religion, Ethics, and Politics, Harvard University

Check her out: @shannonnschmidt


Reba Balint


Designer & Content Creator

Creative * Introvert * Cat Mom * Type 5w4 *

Reba is an Austin based seminary student with a background in watercolor illustration, graphic design, and religious studies. Currently, she hopes to integrate her love of sacred art and administrative skills into a non-traditional ministry. She identifies as pansexual, wears denim jackets like it’s going out of style, loves music she wasn’t yet alive to originally listen to, and has deep fear/respect for bees.

Dream Interview: My Grandmother

Aspires to be: Lorelai Gilmore

What is your ideal first date? Going out for Indian food, then coming home to watch anime.

What veggie or fruit would you be? Mango!

Street cred: Bachelor of Religion, Flagler College

Check her out: @casuallyreba


Caroline Smith


Social Media Director

Wannabe professional adventurer * Animal Rescuer * Lover of all people

Caroline is a graduate from Georgia College and State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. She has worked in animal welfare for one year and is currently a humane law enforcement officer. She’s backpacked across the West coast and wants to travel across the US. When she’s not out rescuing all the animals, you can find her hiking with her dog or at the lake.

Dream Interview: Ellen DeGeneres

Dream Destination: Diving with Great White Sharks in Australia

What is your ideal first date? A long romantic walk to Chick Fil A.

What veggie or fruit would you be? A pepper because I’m spicy.

Street cred: Bachelor of Arts, Georgia College and State University

Check her out:@csmith3