Our Team

Leslie- Founder & Content Creator 


Leslie Cox is a student at Columbia Theological Seminary, where she is almost done with her Master of Divinity. In addition to theology and testimony, Leslie is also a student of human nature and love - forever reading up on human psychology and collecting stories of love and heartache through her blog (this one! Love Les!).

Leslie came out as a lipstick lesbian in 2016, and this project grew out of the combination of her experience and her overflowing creativity. (Read more about her coming out journey and this project.)

Love Les is only one example of Leslie's creativity, though, as Leslie is a gifted artist all around. Leslie sees beauty wherever she goes, has a unique photographer's eye, and carries a deep appreciation of stories, which is often used for activism and community-building.

On an average day, you will likely find Leslie in a coffee shop editing photos, with a book in her bag and a camera at her side.


Jocelyn- Editor & strategist  


Jocelyn Wildhack is also a student of Columbia Theological Seminary, pursuing a Master of Divinity (MDiv) and a Master of Arts in Practical Theology (MAPT) with a focus on Christian Education with Children and Youth. 

Jocelyn identifies as a 'rainbow-flag-flying' ally. She is passionate about education around human sexuality and gender expression, especially in the Church. 

Jocelyn has a careful eye for misspelled words, a significant love for commas, and a unique gift for reading Leslie's mind. She's particularly dedicated to this blog because of her close friends and family members who identify as LGBTQIA+.  Jocelyn has personally witnessed how powerful stories of love can be and wants to do her part to help elevate queer voices.  

Jocelyn loves people, chocolate, and elephants - almost as much as she loves the warmth of summer, the sun, and the beach. You can often find her on a picnic blanket or in a hammock chatting with anyone who happens to walk by.