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Love, Love Les? This just in, you can now contribute to us and financially support our team of creatives.

Love Les launched February 5th, 2017 as a passion project. I wanted to connect readers across the States to a coming out resource. (I never dreamed that Love Les would have a global audience, much less reach 113 countries.) Love Les, is a collection of queer stories showcasing ordinary queer people simply living their lives. I truly believe that stories can change lives.

Our team has been so inspired by our readers who have shown us overwhelming support which is why we are now opening up a patreon page where readers can financially support Love Les.

Since we’ve begun, we’ve been able to hear so many beautiful stories, stood alongside LBGTQ individuals during their coming out journeys, and offer a safe space for queer readers both inside and outside the closet.

As we’re entering in a new year, we’re hoping to expand Love Les and we have so many new and exciting things coming your way. Last year we reached 12,000 viewers across 92 different countries. This year we’re planning to double our audience, support LBGTQ youth organizations, and provide weekly content for readers. So if you’re jazzed about Love Les and the work we do, follow this link and head on over to our Patreon page.